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Everything You Need to Know Before You Install a Farm Sink

Everything You Need to Know Before You Install a Farm Sink

If you need a new kitchen sink and you want to install it in your present countertop and cabinet system, you're going to be limited by their present configuration. However, if you are planning a kitchen remodel, you may experience difficulty in narrowing down your sink choices to a just few dozen. Some very popular options on the market these days are farm sinks, also known as apron or farmhouse sinks. This category of sink features a rectangular breadth and depth that is reminiscent of utility sinks in laundry rooms, but they're a world apart in style.

While you can be overpowered by their super-sized charms, since they're fit for soaking long baking sheets and for canning operations, you need to know that they require special installation. Here's what you need to know before you take the plunge.

Under-Sink Cabinet Modifications

Not only is the sink itself heavy, but once loaded or filled with water, its weight will be too much for the ordinary clamp or bracing system. It must be shored up with special supports. Additionally, the depth of the sink likely will call for chopping down the height of the cabinet doors below the sink, With the sink and bracing supports, you're going to lose most of your storage area beneath. So, plan on moving most of the items that normally live there to another location.

Surrounding Countertop and Cabinets

If you're planning to simply replace your old sink, your desired farm sink will probably have larger dimensions at the counter level, so some length of your counters will need to be removed to accommodate it. If you have a dishwasher adjoining the sink space, you may not be able to add the sink without completely modifying the cabinetry. Also, depending on your countertops, cutting them back then refinishing the edges may not be feasible. Matching a laminate that was produced decades ago will probably be impossible.

Keep in mind that  once loaded or filled with water, a farmhouse sink's weight will be too much for the ordinary clamp or bracing system. It must be shored up with special supports.

The Faucet

Typically, farm sinks have no cut-outs for the faucet. If your old sink does, the new farm sink may require mounting the faucet in the existing countertop or on the wall. So, you may need to consider the plumbing work, as well, for a retrofit farm sink.

The Good Things

Clearly, installing a farm sink, or any new sink for that matter, is best incorporated in a remodeling plan. That's good news. You won't have to worry about retrofitting a sink, which could cost money that would be much better applied towards a full-blown remodel. For a kitchen makeover, you get to consider your sink, cabinetry, appliance spaces and countertop materials all at once. If you make the sink the starting point, the rest will fall into place.

Another great thing about farm sinks is that they announce themselves as a design statement. They make for a focal point whether your choice is a style truly redolent of a cozy old farmhouse or one of modern elegance. When installed in a new kitchen, the cost becomes far more reasonable than were you to attempt it in an existing kitchen.

Whether you're contemplating a sink replacement or kitchen remodel, check out our FAQ page for some helpful information. For a free consultation on a custom build of any nature or a remodeling project, contact us here to schedule a time to meet.