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How to Choose the Best Kitchen Backsplash

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Backsplash

Few things in a homeowner's life are as exciting, in every sense of the word, as a total kitchen remodel. You're going to wipe out the old, re-build the foundations and fill out the room with all the good things you've always desired. Also, your life will be seriously disrupted for months. 

Sometimes, however, only a modest makeover will suit you, as in updating your kitchen without digging deep into the guts of the space. Whether you're indulging in a total renovation or a superficial reconditioning, your kitchen will call for all new backsplashes. With abounding options before you, how do you choose the best backsplash for your kitchen? To create a perfect backsplash, you need to keep these four things in mind: function, form, color and art.


As the name suggests, backsplashes get splashed. Food, water, steam and, possibly, smoke inevitably make contact with your wall. There's a reason why shiny tiles have been the backbone of traditional backsplashes — they're easy to clean. But you're not relegated to the simple, old subway tiles. Glass, mirrors and metal all make for beautiful backsplashes and clean up well, to boot. More porous ceramic or travertine can be sealed to prevent mishaps from sticking, but bear in mind that they will need their finishes refreshed fairly often. Wallpapers open yet more options, but installation will require special attention as it tends to loosen and peel in the presence of heat and water.

Consider adding extra recessed lighting around the backsplash. This affordable addition can truly make the room shine.


Depending on the placement of your sink and stove, the question may arise as to whether you want your backsplash to be a continuation of your wall elements or if they should be stand-alone sections. A range or sink set in an island with a short, vertical wall behind them may not permit much backsplash material, so a different design element might be in order. But those set against a main wall can blend in with the rest of the surrounding walls, be they tiled or otherwise. Maybe something completely different will do the trick, such as a new window on an outside wall! Also, consider adding extra recessed lighting around the backsplash. This affordable addition can truly make the room shine. 


A trending idea in the school of design is to avoid "matchy-matchy" elements in rooms. The concept is to mix up your furniture, colors and textures to build a more eclectic scheme rather than an integrated, "planned" look. This may not appeal to every taste as an overall idea, but it really is okay to add counterpoint colors, especially on showpiece backsplashes. This is where the zillions of tile options can become your best friend. Handmade tiles with vibrant color designs or mosaic inlays can capture the eye while appearing right at home in a kitchen of a different color strategy.


The ultimate arrangement incorporates artistic design and also touts your personality. Are you subdued? How about tiling the walls but skewing the pattern at the backsplashes? Are you practical? Maybe you would like your contractor to customize a hidden spice rack behind a sectioned mirrored backsplash over the stove? Are you filled with imaginative flair? Why not a mosaic mural or porcelain bas-relief to hold your attention while stirring the sauce pots or washing them at the sink?

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