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How to Make Small Kitchen Spaces More Comfortable

How to Make Small Kitchen Spaces More Comfortable

People in love with the culinary arts may find this difficult to believe, but producing fine cuisine in a small kitchen space is eminently possible. In fact, a well-designed small kitchen boasts of large advantages. Namely, you needn't have an assistant on hand to fetch items you need that happen to be yards away. In a tiny space, nearly everything you need to whip up a great meal is right at your fingertips.

If you have one of those intimate kitchens in need of renovation, keep these design tips in mind when conjuring up your new strategy.


Where to put your dishes, pots and pans, baking sheets, utensils and, of course, your pantry foods presents the biggest challenge. Your cabinet space is very limited. To increase storage for your equipment, you can consider tall wall cabinets that run up to the ceiling. Put the items you seldom use but can't part with up high and your daily things within easier reach. Keep a fold-up step ladder somewhere nearby.

Another option is to skip the wall cabinets and use open shelves instead. The space you save can be used for wall hooks to hang pots and pans, cutlery, coffee mugs and whatever else you have that can be stored vertically. Also, open shelving gives the illusion of more space. Sturdy, stainless steel wire shelves allow you to hang more things where you haven't the necessary drawers for them.

If you have any narrow gaps between the refrigerator and wall or cabinets and stove, utilize them with thin, pull-out shelves. Spices and other small non-perishable objects, such as plastic and foil wrap boxes, may fit nicely. The more you can store off the counters, the tidier and more inviting the kitchen.

Try cabinetry with no outer hardware. Rather, go with doors and drawer faces made with beveled edges or recesses for finger grips.


The fewer protrusions you have encroaching into the center space, the better. Try cabinetry with no outer hardware. Rather, go with doors and drawer faces made with beveled edges or recesses for finger grips. Since wooden cupboards are usually fairly thick, you might prefer stylish, retro-looking enameled sheet metal cabinets which are much thinner but quite sturdy. 

Usually, cabinets will have a few inches of unused space above the floor, covered by the kick plate. Why let that go to waste? Install custom drawers there, instead. You can store hand towels and linens in them without taking up a bit of space needed for your larger articles.


If you aren't cooking for the nearest army division, you can get away with a smaller stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. By building your counters around smaller appliances, you'll naturally up your useful space. Contemporary appliances have a sleek, clean look that enhances the illusion of space, and retro units in those special colors of the 50's make a cozy space downright charming.

Light and Bright

To help your small kitchen feel more luxurious, make sure you get plenty of natural light. If you have no windows or too few, think about adding a skylight, if possible. Also, choose white or very light colors for your decorating scheme. Add mirrored surfaces wherever possible, too, and these tricks will magically make your kitchen feel less cramped and more comfortable. 

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