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Choosing the Right Knobs, Pulls, or Handles for Your New Cabinets

Choosing the Right Knobs, Pulls, or Handles for Your New Cabinets

When you’re renovating and redecorating a kitchen, one of the most difficult things to do is decide on the hardware for drawers and cabinets. From the outside, this decision seems fairly simple, especially considering that most homeowners have already made much bigger decisions when choosing cabinet fronts, appliance layouts, or flooring options. All too often, however, people can get hung up on these small pieces.

One of the most likely reasons why this happens is because there are thousands of choices available on the market. With so many options to choose from, picking just one can be difficult. Fortunately, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best fit for your kitchen.


Knobs, Pulls or Handles?

One of the first things that should be decided is which type of cabinet and drawer hardware should be used. We first want you to understand the difference between each of them; knobs are usually pieces that attach with a single screw where pulls and handles attach with two screws. Pulls and handles come in vastly different options and shapes such as cup pulls or drop handles.

Keep in mind that knobs are harder to grip since they are round. Handles and pulls, on the other hand (cabinet pun!), are easy to grip and are great if you have heavier drawers or tall cabinets. 

Many people think that knobs are less intrusive. In fact, this type of hardware is often a good choice for kitchens with smaller cabinets and drawers.  


Mix or Match?

When faced with so many choices, many homeowners decide to pick several of their favorite pieces. In practice, however, this can make a kitchen look uncoordinated and thrown together. Unless you really like the look of a collection of pieces, matching your hardware is almost always the better choice.  




Deciding on the right size of hardware is the next step.  Larger pulls and handles are typically the easiest to grab, but they can also be very noticeable.  In general, try to match the size of the hardware to the size of the kitchen.  Large kitchens with large cabinet doors and deep drawers will look best with more sizable hardware, while smaller kitchens will look better with less intrusive pieces. The type of hardware that you choose decides how you will mount the accents. Your contractor can best help you with these measurements. 


Color and Finish

Narrow down your choices to the right color and/or finish.  Consider the finish on other metal objects in the room and the style that you are trying to achieve. Ideally, the metal in your light fixtures, faucets, and cabinet hardware should compliment each other. Popular finishes are satin nickel, chrome, and bronze. If you choose a painted style, look for colors that complement the paint and finish of the walls and cabinets. Glass knobs are also a popular option for those looking for a more country-style theme.


If you need help deciding on the rest of your kitchen renovation, call the experts at Owens Construction to get a free estimate.  They have years of experience helping their clients remodel and create the kitchen of their dreams.