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What’s Hot in 2017 Bathroom Design?

What’s Hot in 2017 Bathroom Design?

Bathroom designs are changing quickly. What was the rage just a few years ago can at this point look dated. This can leave a homeowner with a bathroom remodel on the horizon struggling to know what to do. Before you commit to your new bathroom design, consider these hot trends for 2017.

Function First 

Functionality is high on designer’s list of priorities in 2017. This includes making sure the bathroom works for multigenerational households. Some of the functional highlights being touted in this year’s designs include:

  • Comfort height toilets. With bathrooms servicing a variety of ages, installing comfort level toilets can be a real benefit for everyone.
  • Floating vanities. Floating vanities don’t just look stylish, they can be very practical. 
  • Curbless showers. With so many benefits to these modern shower designs, it's no wonder they are becoming so popular. Not only does a curbless shower open up a tight space, but they can be much easier to get in and out of and can be a breeze to clean compared to their counterparts.
  • Heated towels racks. These are a nice addition to any bathroom, making the entire shower experience more enjoyable.
  • Smart storage. You can never have enough storage in the bathroom! Utilizing all of the space available is a great way to add more storage without taking up space. This can be done by including floor to ceiling cabinets in your design, adding open air shelving and installing plenty of custom cabinet organizers.

Spa-Like Showers are more popular these days than tubs. Today’s modern showers include multiple body jets, numerous shower heads, music and specialty lighting.

Natural Style 

Of course, no bathroom remodel would be complete without adding a touch of style and elegance to the room. This is going to be the year to bring a natural feeling back to the bathroom. Prepare to see plenty of wood grains, neutral colors and even a bit of greenery in this often overlooked room. The more natural look of the modern bathroom may preclude yesteryear’s penchant for shiny tiles and glitzy lighting, but that does not mean today’s bathrooms will feel any less luxurious. 

While designers are opting for a more timeless look with 2017 bathroom design, featuring plenty of white and gray shades and a more classic style matte subway tile, they are not overlooking the homeowners quest for beauty and luxury. Some of the hottest new trends to consider in your new bathroom deign may include:

  • Spa-like showers. More popular these days than tubs, today’s modern showers include multiple body jets, numerous shower heads, music and specialty lighting.
  • Fireplace. This might not be an element you'd expect to find in the bathroom, but it really does bring a whole new level of comfort to the space. 

Creating the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Creating the beautiful bathroom you have always dreamed of is going to take the expertise of a contractor that knows how to incorporate today’s modern design and your need for a practical space. The expert design and construction team at Owens Construction offers a client-centered approach that helps homeowners create the perfect bathroom space.

Call today to learn how Owens Construction can turn your drab bathroom into a stylish space you can really enjoy and to get your free estimate.