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Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

If you're planning your kitchen renovation project, then don't forget the lighting under the cabinets. Below are some quick tips for placing the right type of lighting units that best fit your kitchen cabinets.

Bulb Types

LED. Of all the lighting available for kitchens, LED is hands down your best option for the money. LED lighting is easily programmable, energy-efficient, and lasts a long time. You can control the amount of light you want and the direction you want it to go.

Fluorescent. Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) have distinct advantages over other types of bulbs. They last 8-10 times longer and utilize about 70% less power. CFLs also produce almost zero heat and create impressively high levels of illumination.

Xenon. Auto manufacturers engineer xenon lights specifically for vehicle headlamps. Xenon bulbs produce extraordinarily warm bright light. So if you want your kitchen to light up without the harshness of fluorescent or LED, then we recommend xenon bulbs. Careful, though, because xenon bulbs produce as much heat as they do light. They may not be ideal when cooking in a hot kitchen.

Bulb Shape

Linear. Linear lights stretch across a wide area under the cabinet to produce a greater range of illumination over the countertop. They also have a uniform, sleek look.

Puck. Although puck lights are generally round, they can also be purchased in other shapes such as squares or rectangles. Puck units offer a condensed type of lighting with a concentration in the area directly below it.  They are perfect for highlighting individual objects underneath the cabinets.

Linear lights stretch across a wide area under the cabinet to produce a greater range of illumination over the countertop. They also have a uniform, sleek look.


Surface Mounted. Attaching the lights to the cabinet surface is the simplest way to install them. Granted, the entire fixture is exposed, so you’ll want to consider the aesthetic value of the light before implementation. Surface mounted lights give you various options for installation such as tape lighting, strips, or even rope lighting.

Recessed. If you want to conceal the lighting fixtures under the cabinet, then recessed lighting is a great idea. The entire light is embedded inside the cabinet. When installing recessed lighting, it is important to hire a professional who can handle not only the installation but also the wiring if the lights require power from the wall.

Power Source

Standard Plug-In. With plug in lights, you simply need to install the light and plug it into an outlet in the wall. The biggest issue with plugins is that the cord will have to be concealed or protected from countertop activity.

Battery Operated. The lights are cordless and work exclusively on battery power. It is suggested that you purchase rechargeable batteries to keep power costs low.

Hardwired.  High-end lights may require a direct power source through the electrical system in your home. You'll want to be sure to hire a professional if you have lighting that needs to be hardwired as it can be more extensive.

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