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Remodeling Your Bathroom Part 4 of 6: Choosing Your Countertops

Remodeling Your Bathroom Part 4 of 6: Choosing Your Countertops

In our ongoing series on how to remodel your bathroom, we're going to look at some of the most popular bathroom countertop choices. Bathroom countertops are one of the most important decisions you will make in your remodel – and often one of the hardest too. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the best materials available for your project.


Granite and Quartzite are both high-end stone options that make excellent choices for any bathroom. They are particularly durable, easy to clean and can match many different design options.  They are a natural stone product that will need to be sealed if it does not come that way from the fabricator.  Because vanity tops are usually smaller, you may be able to find a less expensive “remnant” piece.  A remnant is actually a leftover piece from a larger slab of first quality material.


Marble is unquestionable a beautiful stone. Lighter versions with striking dark veins can turn your bathroom into one of the most beautiful rooms in the house. However, marble also comes with drawbacks that other stone options don't have. It's a delicate material and may chip more easily than other options. Marble is also notoriously absorbent and can be quickly stained, which is problematic in moisture-laden bathrooms. You may want to avoid marble in bathrooms meant for kids.


Quartz uses granite-based flecks of stone that are cemented in a resin. This synthetic approach makes quartz a very adaptable material, able to fit many different counter sizes and design choices. Quartz is also very durable. While natural stone may need to be occasionally sealed to prevent wear, quartz has better surface protection.  Today there are many quartz products that are designed to mimic a natural marble, but without the maintenance issues.

Ceramic tiles remain one of the most popular materials for bathrooms. It's affordable, easy to install, very durable, water resistant and comes in a multitude of colors and sizes. Ceramic tiles are an attractive option if you want to get creative with your bathroom and add stripes, friezes, or other intricate patterns.

"Solid Surface" Materials

Solid surface refers to manufactured materials that are a mix of resin and crushed stone – a little like a high-end, shiny cement. Sometimes known as cultured marble, you see this material used a lot in restaurant bathrooms and other commercial settings. It's extremely durable and very easy to clean (including buffing out scratches).  With these products you can get an integrated sink for a sleek, seamless look.  However, it also doesn't react well to intense heat,. Solid surface materials make a smart upgrade from laminates, which can suffer in moist bathrooms.

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