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Living Room Themes and Inspirations

Living Room Themes and Inspirations

To continue our theme of discussing popular remodel projects, we're going to make a stop by the living room. A living room remodel is one of the biggest renovation projects most homeowners tackle – but it's also particularly exciting because it provides the opportunity to remodel one of the most popular rooms in the house and create a new theme. So let's take a look at some of the more popular modern living room themes people are adopting, and why they work.

Traditional Woodwork and Elegant Decor

This theme focuses on traditional, neutral colors (taupe, browns, grays, etc.) matched with classy wood and brass accents. It creates a quiet, peaceful place that's easy to light and fun to decorate with rich wood furniture. Built-in bookshelves are extremely common in this theme, so this is definitely a must-have when planning your living room remodel. This is a good choice for living rooms that don't focus as much on the entertainment system but instead want an elegant appearance that shows the beauty of the room.

Industrial/Modern Style

An industrial style living room is great for contemporary homes and modern apartments. It embraces industrial elements like brick and metalwork and adds more industrial features with metal-bracketed furniture, low-profile furniture, and steel-framed windows (the more, the better). Repurposed wood is also very popular in industrial themes and gives you a lot of opportunities to experiment.


Cabin styles use lots of rustic wood, just as you'd expect! These living rooms favor natural light, so during your remodel, make sure to add large windows. Dominating mantles and fireplaces are also a common element you could include while planning your remodel. Big, comfy furniture is often a highlight of this theme, and it's also a great way to show off a shaggy rug. You may want to put less focus on the TV, however, and consider hiding it behind a cabinet for less distraction; you could even have the cabinets built into the wall to take up less floor space.

Cabin styles use lots of rustic wood, just as you'd expect! These living rooms favor natural light, dominating mantles and fireplaces, and – if you like it – just the right amount of hunting décor. Big, comfy furniture is often a highlight of this theme, and it's also a great way to show off a shaggy rug.


Mid-Century themes focus on the 50s/60s "futuristic" style; low furniture supported by thin metal legs is very common. Glass tables and modern art pieces are common too. Colors tend toward grays, browns, and whites, with a splash of brighter color that can stand out, like pillows, bright chairs, a floral design, and so on. Adding in a fireplace during your remodel will be the finishing touch this theme needs. This leaves the living room looking clean and aesthetic — a good choice if you don't spend much time there, but still want to impress.


Farmhouse is a pretty general term, so it makes sense to divide this theme into a few popular home iterations. First is the "cottage" look, which uses lots of pastels and whites against wood backgrounds (painted or not) and rustic décor. Second is the marine version, where shiplap walls, striped patterns, and plenty of windows favor a nautical theme. The third is an Italian estate inspiration, where natural stonework and rich Tuscan golds are favored to give the room an especially luxurious feeling. At Owens Construction, we can help you remodel your living room to whichever farmhouse theme you'd like.


Transitional focuses on incorporating both traditional and modern elements in a way that works. Usually, that means find traditional décor (including materials like leather or suede) with a modern twist — typically cleaner lines, brighter colors, simpler designs, and a greater focus on light and space. Several single hung windows are ideal for this space. This is a good choice if you like showing off traditional pieces but still want a comfortable room that keeps up with the times. 

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